Salmon on Cedar Plank

My husband always wanted to have a BBQ. Entertain our friends on a nice summer evening and enjoy the charcole flavors of the grilling. Today his wish became true, its his birthday! :)

Flashback to our honeymoon it was just natural to do a Salmon on Cedar Plank. The traditional dish of Finish Lapland!

Weber sells precut cedar planks made for the BBQ. Soak the board for at least an hour and upto over night in cold water.

One of our key tips is that you want to purchase salmon from the freshest of a source as possible. When cooking this simple recipe, the raw ingredients need to shine.

Ingredients: 1 side whole salmon, skin on, pin bones removed (about 4 lbs) 1 bunch fresh dill 1 lemon, sliced thinly Seasonings of your choice (Old Bay, cumin, dried citrus peel, kosher salt, black pepper, etc)


1. Lay the salmon filet out on a flat surface and run your finger along the filet, from head to tail, to check for pin bones. If you feel any hard points, remove them with a clean pair of fish tweezers.

2. Prepare the grill for direct, low heat grilling (about 350F). Place a few chunks of cherry wood (if extra smoke is desired) on top of the coals and close the lid.

3. Wait for the smoke to start pouring out of the grill and the grill reaches about 350F.

4. Char one side of your presoaked plank for about 5-7 min directly on the grate over the coals. You will hear some cracking and popping at the 5-7 minute mark which is give the plank some char, this does a great job in adding smoke flavor to the salmon. Flip the plank so that the char side is up and place the salmon on the plank. Season the salmon with desired seasonings, then top with dill springs and the sliced lemons.

5. Place the plank with the salmon in the center of the grill over indirect heat. Close the lid and roast the salmon for about 30 minutes. Check the filet after 20 minutes with an instant read thermometer. When the filet reaches 135F in the thickest part of the filet, remove it from the grill. For best aroma and presentation, keep the salmon on the plank when serving.

Picture Source: Weber Grill

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